6 of the Best Online Party Themes in 2021

We are breaking down a formula for creating a winning Party Script using 4 key elements to a successful Online Party:

  • Party Type
  • Party Style
  • Party Theme
  • Party Games

Check out this article about the 4 Best Types and Styles For Hosting Your Online Parties to learn the first two strategies in this list!

We’ll be discussing the next strategy below, but first, how do you keep up with all these new Party posts?!

Here’s a little secret that top producers have discovered and used for years:

Learning how to use certain tools and programs can help organize and automate your Online Parties and grow your business faster than ever before!

For example, let’s say you want a new Party script for your next hostess and a unique set of posts for your Customer VIP Group. You can do both without compromising the posts that give you the best results.

Here’s how to do this from a secured Party post scheduling program like PostMyParty, that is designed to give you more control over your posts:

  • Save your posts and organize them by categories, such as “Introductions”, “about the company”, “specials”, “games”, etc.
  • Copy and customize them for your new Party script.
  • Then, create a template of the new posts and schedule it to the group of your choice.

Voila! Learn everything you need to know in these helpful articles:

Ready to learn about the next element for creating a winning Party script? Here we go!

Party Themes

A super easy way to get more people to participate and engage with any Party, is to put a theme to it!

If you love to get creative with Party planning, you can absolutely go with any common in-person Party theme, like “80’s Night”, “Disco”, Circus, etc.

But we’re talking about some simple themes you can easily try for your next Online Party.

  • Product Type Specific
    Some companies have a variety of product types, so you might be able to focus on a particular section of the catalog and just go for it!

    Or choose just one of your products and come up with as many ways to use it as possible and make that a theme.

    Remember, you can incorporate a whole topic that simply highlights your product.
    Example: Hair care, skin care, spa night, Glam looks, meal prep., bathroom hacks, car organizing for the summer, etc.

  • Product Launch
    This is always a fun theme, because when something is new, fans want to know ALL the details! Even better if you’ve had a chance to try it for yourself, so make it a huge deal!

    This can be part of your customers’ perks if you choose to run this theme in just your Customer VIP Group. Show off the latest and greatest products that are launching so they are the first to know.

    Create a sense of urgency for pre-sales, so your customers will get to ‘beat the crowd’ when these items are released.

    For limited edition items or new designs, go with the same color scheme to make the party extra special for the new item.

  • Holidays
    This is by far the most common and fun theme for Online Parties! Who doesn’t like extra holiday cheer (and special deals!)?

    Let’s be honest, smaller holidays are often overlooked when it comes to the biggest holiday selling season of the year. But don’t let that deter you from trying something new, because smaller holidays are a great place to start! In fact, you might be inspired by lesser known “holidays” like Star Wars Day or National Donut Day.

    But if you truly want to make the most from the biggest holiday season of the year, check out these strategies we collected from Top Producers, just for you:

  • Seasonal
    Similar to Holiday themes, Seasonal themes usually come around only once or twice a year.

    You can start with the seasons of the year and think of everything that goes with them, like Spring cleaning, summer vacation, Back-to-school, harvest in the fall, customer appreciation, etc.

    These seasonal themes are usually familiar to most people, but it might be fun to introduce a seasonal activity or tradition that isn’t so common. Do you love participating in an annual Fun Run, or Chili Cookoff? What products help you the most during this time? Share that fun part of your life and educate others about what it takes to persevere.

  • Birthday
    This theme is fun for anyone! You can do this during your own birthday month, your company’s birthday, your hostess’s, or even your customers!

    A month-long theme is always fun, but a weekend birthday blast or pop up sale can be just as exciting!

    Birthday themes can be simple or extravagant, but the idea is to celebrate life! Feature some favorite products, special birthday deals, or ways to show how special your customers are to you and your business.

    As with all birthdays, presents are always a huge hit! These can be giveaways to the birthday people, or a chance for guests to win something special. And don’t underestimate the power of free shipping or amazing discounts to celebrate!

    Treat your Birthday Themed Online Party, like a birthday club of sorts, with specialty items that make everyone feel extra special.

  • Family Friendly
    How cute is this idea?! Your family and your kids are a huge part of your life! There’s just no way around it, especially if you’re working from home.

    And chances are, your customers can relate to you better because of your hard work and dedication to your tribe. So let’s celebrate family!

    - Share ways that your products have a positive effect on your family members. What items do you use as a family?
    - Highlight their favorite products
    - Have your kids or your husband join you in a Live Video
    - Don’t forget grandma and grandpa! What products can also meet their needs?
    - Let all the kids watch the Live and participate in the games too
    - Post those dad jokes
    - Show off mom fashion over the decades
    - Share the darndest things your kids say
    - Connect with your customers by sharing hopes for children’s future, or stories of relatives that have shaped your life

    After all, we are in the business of people, and our family is where it all starts.

6 Ways to Incorporate Your Party Theme in an Online Party

Now that you’ve picked your theme, how do you use it through your Online Party?

Here are 6 ways to let your Party Theme flow in your Facebook Group:

  1. The Party name and description can shine with your theme right away. Make sure to clarify what kind of fun you’re throwing and how guests can participate.

  2. Customize your product posts with creative wording to reflect your new theme. Try using emojis to make them stand out!

  3. Graphics are easy to create on a free program like Canva. If you have a basic template of your Online Party graphics, you can easily make a copy to customize them according to your theme! You’ll never be disappointed seeing your product images decked out in holiday or birthday graphics.

  4. Online Party Games are probably the most fun to customize to fit your theme, because there are tons of ideas on the internet these days! Seriously, a quick search on Pinterest will produce lots of inspiration that you can adapt for yourself. Start with some of your most popular games that get a lot of engagement, and think of ways you can change it up to fit your theme. Create a new graphic for it, or change the question or wording, etc.

  5. Going Live is where you can truly make your theme shine! Be sure the theme you picked is one you can get really excited about, because it will show during your Live. Go all out! Decorate your background to your heart’s content, make that costume change, dress up your products in totally new ways!

  6. If you like to mail out goodies to your hostess and guests, be sure to add something fun that goes with your theme! Whether a custom card with the Party details, confetti and a balloon, or a cute dollar store item, they will be sure to get into the right Party mood!

So who’s ready to get creative and step-up their Party Script?

We hope this inspires you to try something new in your next Online Party!

Be sure to check back to discover more Online Party strategies.

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