6 Tools to Amp Up Your Facebook Party

What’s the difference between a Facebook Party that looks like a person in Kindergarten is running it, and one that looks like a professional did it?

The answer is cheaper than you think!

All it takes is a little creativity and the use of some FREE resources.

It’s not as hard as you may think because online tools and phone apps have made customizing your content easy.

When you customize your content, your Party stands out. As a result, it will help build real relationships with your customers and make more sales.

Here are some of our favorite tools to amp up your Facebook Parties.

Photo Editor

When it comes to posting pictures these days, it is a must to use your own pictures, or make shared pictures unique to your own business.

Any standard photo editing tool on your device (phone, tablet, or computer) will work to enhance your original photos, add a filter, crop or resize, and even add text.

Most smart phones (iphone, Samsung, Google, etc) have a standard one already installed. Try using the one you have on your phone.

Once edited, save them in a folder with the date to remember the last time they were touched up by you.

Graphic and Image Creator

You’ve seen them, those beautiful Pinterest-worthy images floating around the blogosphere and those amazing infographics and images that just make a post stand out!

It’s actually easy to create them with a good graphic creating tool.

Our favorite is Canva because it is super easy and has tons of great options with the FREE account.

We also love the ability to save and store new creations and copy them as a template so you can insert new pictures and update old info.

You can even download them as a picture file and easily use them for your new Party posts.

This is also the best way to start creating a brand, or a style, for your business image.

In a program like this, you can create a logo or a special watermark that’s unique to your business, and put it on everything you create.

Not only does this make your posts more uniform, but your customers will recognize your style.

To learn more ways to use images in your Party, check out our post called Strategic Ways to Use Images in a Facebook Party.

Website Link Creator

Do you have some favorite links or videos that you love sharing over and over?

Then trying a link creating tool might be or you!

Remember, Facebook doesn’t like to see the same images being posted by tons of people, without being too popular.

The same thing happens with website links. Click here to learn more about that.

Using a tool like this means, if everyone else is sharing the same video or website, your link to this content will still look ‘unique’ and less likely to get flagged by Facebook.

Here’s another tip:

Don’t put your links in the message body of your posts!

Instead, put it in the comments section.

This is because Facebook would rather not have users leave their platform to visit another site, so posts with links are more likely to get pushed down the feeds.

You might also consider rotating through a few similar sources in your templates, so you aren’t sharing the same links back-to-back in a short timeframe.

Creating a custom link also shortens a super long web address to make it cute and simple.

You can do a simple search for any free link creator or URL shortener.

We recommend Bitly, especially if you set up several shopping links, or create your own videos/content.

A FREE account will save your custom-made website links, which makes them unique to you and easy to find.

Drawing Names For Giveaways

If you love doing raffles and door prizes during your Online Parties, you may like an easy, fun way to draw the winners.

We love the anticipation of watching a drawing in a video, or even better, go LIVE and show how excited you are!

Another fun way is to use a tool like our FREE PostMyParty Spinner.

Simply copy and paste all your names in the fields, and then watch it spin until it randomly chooses a name!

Facebook Posting Features

Let’s face it, we do love all the fun, FREE things Facebook offers when it comes to creating eye-catching posts. So try out something new!

Going LIVE in your Online Party is not only a trend but a great strategy! Check out our latest articles about this topic:

- Why Going Live WORKS for Facebook Parties

- How to Set Things Up to Go Live in Facebook Parties

- Best Tips for Going Live in Party Groups

Facebook bumps up the visibility of your live video on the feeds of your guests, so it’s more likely they will catch it and participate.

Besides, this is one of the best ways to show your genuine personality, which creates a connection with your guests.

After all, there’s a real person behind those Party posts who cares about her customers!

Try other things like GIF posts or create a Poll, which can be scheduled out to the day/time you want during your Party.

Party Post Scheduling Software

Last, but not least, is our favorite tool to amp up your Facebook Party…

…the party post scheduling software.

Why is a program like this useful for growing your business and managing multiple parties?

Because it eliminates the need to copy and paste every post for every Party and gives you the freedom to actually interact with your guests in real-time.

When you don’t have to worry about getting that post out on time you can:

  • Chat with your host to create some real goals.
  • Connect with your guests to create a custom order that fits their needs.
  • Try new things, like going LIVE without worrying about the next post.

A program like this allows you to:

This is an amazing way to keep your business page on Facebook active and up to date for your followers, too!

Remember, not all programs are created equal, so carefully consider the features that are most important to you.

There are plenty of paid options, but some programs also offer free trial periods so you can try it before committing to a plan.

Take a look at why PostMyParty is the perfect fit for thousands of users!

We are Facebook-approved with industry-first features and our Party Experts are happy to help you succeed with daily live chat assistance!

We hope you gained some new ideas to try for your next Facebook Party!

Let us know what are your favorite tools or features.

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