Mindset Advice to Help You Go Live in Your Facebook Parties

Going Live has become an integral part of so many successful Parties, that we wanted to bring you the latest strategies that you can try right away.


But when we polled out users earlier this year, about 30% said they don’t go Live but want to or they don’t go live at all.

We asked why this is a hurdle for so many, and heard great feedback, like:

  • “I just joined the company and am barely learning how to run Facebook Parties.”
  • “I just have too much distraction at home, I don't have a nice background for demonstrations, or I don’t have the right tools to go Live.”
  • “I have lots of fear/anxiety/stage fright about going Live and I hate the way I look and sound.”

Can you relate?

Even those who are not afraid of going Live, still have fears that hold them back:

“In the Parties I’m fine, just too boring and reserved in my Live segments. I’m not scared, I love the stage! I just have to loosen up and be myself more when I Go Live.... I think I worry I will misrepresent something or do or say something that will make the products look bad.” - Rhonda

But our favorite part about this feedback, is when we asked if they would try it if they had help or more guidance, more than half said YES!

“I’m too chicken…  I’m trying to get up enough courage to do it. I’m VERY shy and am not good with words. I’m very much an introvert and do not enjoy small talk, but I know it will help my business in the long run!” - Brittany

We absolutely love the eagerness and want to talk about a powerful element that will help you crush your Online Party goals right now!

Change Your Mindset To Take Action!

We were so impressed with this feedback that we had to bring back the very best advice to help you gain confidence to try Going Live for your next Parties!

What’s the biggest change you can make in taking the next step of actually Going Live?

Shifting your mindset to a more positive perspective!

Take a moment right now to reflect on what these Coaching Pros want you to know when it comes to Going Live. Believe us, this advice is worth gold, so don’t be afraid to come back to this article when you need an encouraging word!

For the newbie who’s excited and intimidated with a new business:

  • “If you're new to your business, embrace your courage and do things differently than you've ever done before.

    It's that simple.

    Lots of people hide behind their excuses. Yet you're either committed to your reasons or your results. Everything else is nothing more than mind games sabotaging your dreams.”
    - Anthony Amyx, Founder of Ajamyx.com

For the shy and fearful who wants to get over it:

  • “I am definitely someone who has anxiety about going Live. When I get in a good run of going Live it’s because:

    - I schedule it and announce I’m going to do it.
    - I have fully prepared my props and have a large sheet of posterboard next to my camera with bullet points of what I’m going to talk about.
    - I don’t get caught up in looking for people to join or reply – remember, you will get people watching the replay.

         - I even have a list of things to do to prep. for the Live – put on jewelry and lipstick, check that my background is not distracting and the viewer can see the area I’m            working in (for me that’s my stovetop or countertop), switch my phone to do not disturb, tape my script where I can see it and they can’t, etc.

          The more I can plan ahead and get things ready the less anxiety I feel when I’m Going Live. And I always read through my script a couple times as practice before I            go Live.”
- Cari Blake, consultant of 21 years and Silver Leader

  • “Simple. Mock the voice in your head three times with three different voices. Then say out loud, "That is nonsense" and then do the thing counter to the voice.

    The voice of the Inner Critic is a real thing every person on the planet experiences at one level or another.

    So if your Inner Critic is saying..."You can't go Live. No one will listen." Then mock it.

    Learn to see the Inner Critic for what it is. A silly voice keeping you from living the Good Life.

    By using this Mock the Voice technique, it puts distance between your heart and your Inner Critic. Giving you an opportunity to reframe the voice and take action.”
    - Anthony Amyx, Founder of Ajamyx.com

For all the excuses of life that we may or may not have control over:

  • “We all make time for what is important to us. If this business is important you’ll find the time, like work when kids are in bed, or clean the house first.

    This is a mindset barrier and can be overcome by simply choosing to do the work necessary.”
    - Corey Burge, Founder of PostMyParty

  • “Lots of people are held back by the ‘shoulds and shouldn'ts’ they cling to. These ‘shoulds and shouldn'ts’ ultimately become a bag of invisible, heavy rocks people carry around all day.

    If you want to create results you must understand all ‘shoulds and shouldn'ts’ are not real.

    They are nothing more than an illusion. Something that most people use to either protect their heart or hide from the responsibility required to create that which they feel called to.

    So see the excuses for what they are.

    If you find yourself using an excuse, try flipping it to the opposite and get curious about what are three pieces of evidence of the new belief possibly being true.

    Let me give you an example. "My friends will make fun of me if I go Live." Flip it to the opposite -- "My friends will not make fun of me if I go Live." 3 pieces of evidence that make the new belief true: They are my friends and want me to do well; I've known them for forever and we've all seen each other do crazy things; My products are awesome and they want to hear about them.”
    - Anthony Amyx, Founder of Ajamyx.com

Keep the Positive Mindset Going!

Over 50% of those asked were willing to try going Live if they had help, more guidance, or support.

“I don't like Lives, I hate the sound of my voice!!!!! Plus they are sooo nerve-wracking for me. Everytime I try it, I have the worst knots in my stomach!” - Rebecca

Rebecca was a newbie in her company when we polled our users, and she felt very overwhelmed with everything about Online Parties. But she had a great team that cheered her on during her first Parties and whenever she went Live!

TIP: Those with a good support system when starting their businesses with Online Parties and going Live, will practice more, gain confidence, and achieve tech savvy skills faster!

We followed up with Rebecca after 5 months into her journey with her company, and found her confidence level has risen at least 5 times higher! She feels closer to her hosts and guests, and even goes Live in other groups and for her own personal profile, too! This is the advice that made the most impact on her: “Just do it!! You are your own criticizer! What you see is wrong, I promise others do not.”

Upon reflection, here’s what Rebecca thinks about Going Live:

“I just wished that I had all of the support when I first started that I do now. Don't get me wrong, my upline is absolutely wonderful and does everything she can for me. But outside help such as family, friends, etc helps a bunch. I wish I would have gone Live sooner.” - Rebecca

Here’s some golden advice for when you are team-building and training to coach your tribe and cheer them on:

  • “Offer a place to have them practice safely, like challenge them to go live in the team group. And then the group can provide gentle but constructive critiques to help them improve.” - Corey Burge, Founder of PostMyParty

  • “When you are training your new consultants help them create the ideas/scripting for their first Live.

    Offer to meet with them on zoom for them to practice with you.

    If you’re still a new leader yourself, check with your team to get tips from consultants who are comfortable going Live.

    Watch a couple to get a feel of how a Live can flow. Helping others has always helped me learn new things in my own business.”
    - Cari Blake, consultant of 21 years and Silver Leader

  • “Keep your videos short, actionable and encouraging.

    Spend some time mapping out your on-boarding process so the videos go in the order a newbie needs them.

    If you can make the process fun, organized and "game-ified" you'll have a much higher completion rate.

    Keep in mind the various ways people learn.
    - Consider having a transcription/blog post of your video for those who would rather read the material
    - Add captions for those who might be watching the video next to a sleeping spouse or child
    - Include clear call-to-actions at the end for what they need to do next.”
    - Kelly Paull, check out her BluePrint to Go Live

We hope this valuable advice helps you step out of your comfort zone when it comes to Going Live. It could be the positive change that elevates your next Online Parties!

“...at the end of the day, a new experience is the only thing that silences the voice of the Inner Critic. And taking action gives you a new experience.” - Anthony Amyx, Founder of Ajamyx.com

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