Quick Guide to Choosing the Best Facebook Party Group Game

Change up your Party flow by choosing games that fit your type!

Ice breakers

No matter what, have an engaging post, or icebreaker game, ready for guests to play as soon as they join the Party Group.

Guessing Games are by far the most versatile and easiest to incorporate into your Parties!

There are endless possibilities to make these fit your Party style, like:

  • Guess an item in the image that’s more than $10, then have them message you the answer.
  • Guess what's on the host’s wishlist, and show a graphic of your best sellers or package sets.

GIF Games are super fun and make great ice breakers!

Make sure you have your guests comment with a GIF that fits any question or topic.

  • Use a GIF to show the ugliest purse (or any item related to your Party topic)
  • Choose an initial GIF for the post, then have guests each play off of the previous GIF in the comments.

Finish the Sentence using Predictive Text: Create a graphic with a sentence related to your Party topic, leaving out a word. Then have guests comment to complete the sentence using the middle auto text button on their phone. The most unexpected sentences will come out!

Such as, “My Skincare routine is…” or  “When I clean my house I feel…” or “It smells like _____”, etc.

Choose a Party Game Based on your Party Type and Style

When choosing a Game for your Online Party, even though all your posts should try to have engagement (ask a question for them to answer, etc), you want to balance out your informational/educational posts with fun posts.

Balance also means that guests can see as much of your products as possible to learn the type of variety you can offer to meet their needs or they learn about an important topic that your products can address in their own lives. You want to impact your guests so they walk away knowing about your products and why they are important, and what varieties you offer. They are more likely to place an order when they can see what you see.

Every Party will touch on a mix of these elements, but will usually gravitate to a certain type for the main part of the Party (or if Going Live is your style). This gives your hostess/guests some variety if they join more than 1 of your Parties over the years, and makes the Parties memorable for being unique to you.

No matter what your Party flow is, this basic format has been the most successful we’ve ever seen: THE BEST FORMAT FOR HOSTING ONLINE PARTIES

Here are some game ideas for 3 basic types of Parties to get you started:

Informational/Educational/For a Cause

This Party is all about sharing the facts, stats, and testimonials of something that has changed your life! Consider teaching them something that is new or uncommon knowledge that makes your product so amazing and worth trying. Balance this out with fun games that reflect the topic of your Party, but are relatable to your guests.

Name That…

Traditionally this was a quiz game where you’d Name that Song or Name that Tune or whatever.

Here are some ideas that you can try during your Facebook Party:

  • Food - Comment with anything edible that starts with the last letter of the previous food mentioned
  • Games that kids wouldn’t have heard of
  • Candy with the first letter of guests’ names
  • Company product a Disney princess or TV/movie character would own or use
  • Other variations include: use a graphic to create their celebrity name, holiday name, superhero name, pirate name, etc.

The How-to/Demo

Your product may be uncommon and has the average guest scratching their head. Or might be too common and guests aren’t convinced as to what makes yours different. This is where showing off how your product works, or how versatile it can be for your guests really works to your advantage! Highlight anything special about your product that stands above the competition, but focus on the variety you offer and make it easy for them to add to their cart.

Scavenger Hunt

Normally, this game is played by having participants collect a number of miscellaneous objects.

To play this game inside a Facebook Party, all you need to do is create a graphic with a list of products to find:

  • Throughout the Party link
  • The page number of where each product is, and message the consultant to find out if it’s right.
  • 5 items over 5 different posts, then comment a picture of the item
  • The items around their house and comment a picture with all items. First person wins
  • Give a secret word in a video to find in posts

The Show Off

Your informational posts are probably few, but you offer a large variety of options. So create that desire with some eye-candy for your guests and let your products do all the talking!

This or That

This is a great ice-breaker game to get to know a new friend or to find out more about an old friend or family member. Yet, it’s super easy to play in your Facebook Party and usually gets a ton of engagement because of how simple it is!

Just create a graphic showing 2 pictures of products/styles/colors/places etc.with prompts “This or That”, “Right or Left”, “A or B”, etc.

Party Styles

It might take a few tries for your Party Style to develop into a flow that is most comfortable to you, so don’t be afraid to change things up until you get there.

Here are the most common styles of Online Parties:

Posts Only

This is probably the most common style for new consultants getting their feet wet with Online Parties.

Focus on a couple of Games Posts and watch how your guests respond. Rotate through to see which are the most popular and fun.

This is also a good style to try ongoing games through the whole party, giving guests a great chance to win a prize:

  • Raffles or drawings can be a game on their own! Choose different ways for them to earn a ticket for the grand prize, like:
    - sharing a Video
    - having a friend join the the Party Group
    - following your business page
    - sending you a personal message with the answer to a game question
    - placing an order
    - booking a Party
    - booking a personal consultation, etc.

  • Find the Word: Choose a word like ‘fresh’. Then during the Party every time it’s used in a post, graphic, or video, guests can comment ‘fresh’ times how many times it was used in the post to earn raffle tickets, such as “Fresh 3!”

Grab more ideas here.

Live Video Only

This is a popular style that might come more naturally for the extroverts on the team. This is also the most helpful if you have lots of variety of products to show.

Start off your Live Party with lots of comments to make sure guests see your Live! Icebreakers like these are the perfect way to do that.

TIP: When playing games Live, it’s especially important to remember that there’s a delay with comments (usually 1-2 minutes) and guests will always see their own comments pop up first on their screen. So when choosing a winner, clearly explain that it has to be the one YOU (the host of the Live) can see on your screen.

The Timer Game is a great ice breaker for any Live Video! It’s an easy way to grab a random participant to either win the on-time prize, or for being the first to take a turn for the game.

Choose a word, like Bling (or spa, yum, tidy, etc.) and start the timer for one minute! Guests should comment that word as much as they can while you turn away from the screen (one word per comment). You can adjust your products in the background, take a sip of your beverage, prepare for your demo or recipe, etc.

Then, when you turn back to the screen, the last “Bling” or word you see, is the winner of the first turn or the on-time prize.

Guests should be able to comment something quickly and easily, they shouldn’t have to think too hard about it. So keep it simple, and limit it to one word (or a few emojis) for this type of game.

Learn more Games to play when Going Live here.

Posts and Live Video

This is probably the most favored by Facebook algorithms, because it combines the best of both Party Styles in an easy to manage group.

Start off with an icebreaker post to get people in the group. Continue with your main Party posts and a game post to keep interaction going. When it’s time for your Live, keep it focused on a particular topic or package of products to showcase. Try a simple ice breaker or Timer game for people to play as they join you live, but it’s not necessary to stay on for a long time. Keep in mind that this video will be replayed, so try to keep it quick but valuable.

A variation of a Timer Game could be:

  • “If we could get together, what item would you bring…” Ask a question and engage with their answers, or turn on the timer and choose whichever answer you see when it goes off:
    ...That starts with the letter of their first name?
    ...On a deserted island?
    ...To a picnic?

If Going Live is still super scary, but you want to give it a good try, you need to check out our MINDSET ADVICE TO HELP YOU GO LIVE IN YOUR FACEBOOK PARTIES!

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