If you are a veteran Direct Sales superstar who has always rocked those In-Home Parties, not only do you manage your own time, finances, and resources but you can choose the best fit for you when it comes to selling your products. 

Face-to-face interaction may be healthy and highly valued, but it is not often possible to achieve with our finicky schedules and limited reach. 

Many companies recognize the need to adapt, so this is where technology and social media merge to make Online Parties possible!

Don’t let your years of In-Home Party expertise be intimidated by the Online World.

In fact, if you’ve only ever known face-to-face, In-Home Parties you’re actually ahead of the Online Party game, because you know how to connect with people

Take that confidence into your Online Parties, and you might find that you can double or triple your Party success with less effort and cost!  

You can learn all about why this would be a smart business strategy to try, by checking this out! 

So how do you make the transition from In-Home Parties to Online Parties? 

It’s easier than you think!

Here are some tips with links for you to learn how to convert to growing your business with Facebook Parties. 


Explore Your Company’s Resources

Many companies are recognizing the potential of using social media for your good and are updating their resources. 

Learn if your company or upline has training for hosting Online Parties on Facebook. 

We know several companies have excellent online trainings you can complete or you can start with our popular Newbie’s Guide to Hosting a Facebook Party article.


Follow an Easy Online Party Format. 

Some companies train using Facebook Friendly Party formats, or you can follow our recommended Party format based on the successes and strategies of our most satisfied users. 

One of our successful PostMyParty users, Kathy, says: “ I do 5-day [Online] Parties and use lots of videos. People love to sit at their computer and watch videos.”

To create your template of Online Party posts, you can start with your best In-Home-Party script and adjust as you go. 


Here are some tips to make it online-friendly:

  • Keep important information easy to understand. You want your guests to actually read what you write in your post, so keep it catchy and short.

    Then encourage guests to give you a thumbs-up or comment so you know they’ve read it through.

    Lots of consultants like to do giveaways and put participants in a raffle.


  • Most people will just scroll through their feeds, often glancing over endless posts, including yours.

    So grab them with interesting info in the first 2 written lines of your post.



  • Go live or show a video of yourself presenting key products for the Party, in a short 10-15 minutes.

    You might practice going live in an empty test group until you get comfortable.



  • During the Party, watch for the posts with the most interactions.

    Then adjust the rest of the posts to create a Party-style that gets everyone excited to participate.


  • Once you have your template created, you can use a helpful auto-posting program like PostMyParty to post them to multiple  business group parties at once. This is where your efforts will multiply!


Create as Much Organic, Unique Content as Possible 

This includes pictures, videos, website links, etc. that you use in your posts.

Create this content yourself as much as possible to keep it unique to you.

Even the messages in the posts should be in your own words.

If you choose to use company pictures/videos, or content created by someone else, make sure you can edit them before you post in your own parties.

You can learn more about why this is crucial by checking out this important article.


Keep Important Information Easy to Find 

When setting up your Facebook Party Group put the most important party info in a visible place such as in the About or description section of the group, or create a post then pin it to the top of the group as an announcement.

This allows it to be first post guests will see when they go join the Party and makes it easy to find.

Include Party date and details, shopping link, Party deals and instructions to participate in any giveaways.


Keep Your Parties Warm and Inviting. 

It’s easy to hide behind the screen and just post lots of salesy pictures and boring company info. Remember to focus on fun and important things.

Consider how you would present something in-person, and get creative with how to bring it to your Online Party.

Videos are a great way to do this, as well as lots of fun pictures and graphics.

Don’t be afraid to show your beautiful face and let your personality shine, so guests can feel like they know you. 

Most importantly, create connections with your guests by responding to all their comments, and reach out with personal messages. 


Service to Customers is the Same, Whether On or Off the Screen

Coaching your hostess is just as important in an Online Party as with an In-Home Party.

In most cases, you can use the same hostess packet and strategy.

Always practice proper follow-up steps with your guests and hostess, as well.

Keep in touch with your new customers by encouraging them to follow your business page.

You can learn more about how to grow your business on Facebook by reading this article.


We understand that making a bold transition from In-Home Parties to Online Parties can be a little scary, intimidating, or even downright frustrating!

But we also know you have the courage and inspiration to build a better business and life and we are behind you 100%! 

PostMyParty customers can reach out to our team of Party Experts via live chat from right inside their account or through email or messenger.

There is a real person ready to help out every day, from 8 AM to 10 PM Central Time. 

If you aren’t a user with PostMyParty yet, you can always try a 14-day free trial!


Next Steps

Are you ready to turn your Parties into a powerful way to bring in potential new business partners all across the United States so you can deepen your downline and explode your business?

What if you could stop being chained to your computer or phone for the duration of your Online Parties?

What if you could create and schedule your Parties and comments ahead of time so you never have to miss a moment with your kiddos?

Imagine being able to run a Party while bathing your kids and reading bedtime stories with them while none of your guests ever know the difference!

These are the types of things PostMyParty allows you to do.

If you’re ready to stop the endless cycle of copying and pasting your posts by hand or rescheduling individual posts…

learn more below about how PostMyParty, the only software built specifically for running online parties, works.

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