Strategic Ways to Use Images in a Facebook Party

The best way to represent your home business when it comes to Partying online is to make the use of visuals!

This is where sharing pictures, images, and graphics come to play in your Party posts.

Your guests want to see your products and how to use them. Think about what makes you special as their consultant. Give them some eye-candy that represents who you are and what you can offer.

In this article, we’re going to show you what we mean. So let’s dive in!

Why you want to use Unique Content

Remember, Facebook likes to highlight and show the most popular posts in everyone’s feeds –  the stuff that goes viral.

Such as when original images are shared (when you click the “Share” button on a post) by tons of people.

But this is very different from identical images getting posted by tons of people.

For example, a beautiful picture from your company might be posted by tons of consultants to their thousands of accounts, especially within a short period of time.

Facebook’s spam detection algorithms might flag this image as being overused and not necessarily popular, and so it gets pushed down the feeds with less visibility or even blocked.

This can also happen with website or video links and posts with exact wording.

There’s a strategy for posting unique images nobody else has posted. We recommend using pictures you have taken or graphics you have created yourself.

Plus, creating your own images gives you the flexibility to customize them with your personality and builds your unique brand, such as through your Facebook Business Page.

Our founder, Corey Burge, always says,

“You have seconds to make a good first impression in your Party… so make sure they’re getting to know YOU!” - Corey Burge, PostMyParty Founder

You can get more golden advice from our popular post Why You’re Getting Blocked While Others Aren’t (And What You Can Do About It).

6 Ways to Use Images In Your Facebook Party Script

The purpose for using images is to capture your Party guests’ attention and draw them in to read the details in your post.

Here are the most popular ways to use images in your Online Party script:

1. Introduce Yourself
In the message of this post, you might share your “why” story, how you serve your customers, and what you love about your company or products.Use this image to reflect your personality and the flavor of your home business. Include a nice profile picture, your name, and a shopping link or website.

2. Get-to-Know the Company
Intrigue your guests to want to learn more and read the rest of your post.Include the company logo or a product image with a few facts or “did-you-knows”.

3. Have More Fun
A quick search on Pinterest will flood you with ideas and you can check out our popular articles too:
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Here are four suggestions to get you started:

  1. Create a games graphic that includes instructions and/or the game board.
  2. Show products and a question for guests to comment with their answer or favorite.
  3. For interactive posts, your image can have a question or prompt such as “Which emoji describes your week?” or “Show what’s in your purse”.
  4. Create a graphic with a prompt like “Which matches your personality?” and show a couple products with “THIS or THAT” or “A or B”.

4. Present the Best
This is where your products can shine!
Here are five ways you can present your product as one of the best options they can purchase:

  1. Create simple collages of your favorite products or best sellers.
  2. Choose to highlight products by season, a specific category, or collection.
  3. Bullet point a few product facts with before and after results.
  4. Create a step-by-step graphic tutorial of your favorite way to use a product.
  5. Present your best package or deal in a pretty, eye-catching way.

5. Make a Connection
People buy from people they like, know and trust. So use images to help you build relationships with your guests.
Here are five ways you can use images to create an emotional connection with them:

  1. Create a graphic with a thoughtful or fun quote.
  2. Highlight powerful facts or truth-bomb statements.
  3. Ask a thoughtful question to learn how you can meet their needs.
  4. Offer encouragement that you got their back in this season of life.
  5. Inspire them to reach out to you with a call-to-action image, like “Message me for your custom selection”, or “Like my Page for a free sample”.

6. Show Appreciation
Every person wants to feel seen, heard and understood. When they do, they want to do business with those people who they feel appreciate them for their efforts. So why not take the time to show your Hostess and her friends how much you enjoyed Partying with them?

Here are three ways to use images to do this:

  1. Create images for closing posts, like your Thank You post.
  2. Highlight any winners from door prizes, giveaways or raffles.
  3. Show how to stay in touch for future deals and custom orders.

Tips for Creating Unique Images

At the beginning of this post, you may remember how I mentioned the importance of using unique images.
Remember, using unique images helps you avoid Facebook’s spam filters.

Here are 9 tips for creating unique images:

  • The best option is to take your own pictures of your own products. Then edit it with your name or website or watermark/logo.
  • Create a space in your home or office with good natural lighting where you can easily stage your new products any time, to take photos.
  • Use corporate images as a guide to take your own pictures. Get creative with your own products, but use a similar format and ideas.
  • Take selfies with your favorite products!
  • Create real-life lifestyle shots, like what products you pack for a road trip, what you’re using this Saturday, or how your kids use their favorites.
  • Photo sharing groups might be super helpful, but NEVER re-post these images without editing them in some way. This will make it unique to yourself.
    And ALWAYS make sure you have permission to edit and share images that are not watermarked or have logos or important text.
  • You can easily edit a shareable image with any common photo editing software. You can use filters, resize the image, add text, or input them into a collage or graphic.
  • Use an editing tool, such as to create your brand. This means creating a style for what you want your business to “look like”.
    It might take a little time to create, but once you do, it’s unique to you and very valuable.
    Use your personal style to choose colors, fonts, elements of design, and create a logo/watermark, etc. so you can use on all of your images.
  • Create a template of basic types of images that you can easily change up the colors and elements to reuse over and over.
    It’s also important to stay up-to-date on your company’s terms of use for images/pictures/logos, etc. and this is an easy way to do that.

There you have it! We hope you learned something new and are inspired to snap a few shots for your next Party!

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