15 Tips for Going Live on Your Business Page

“I’m way too scared and insecure about myself to Go Live on Facebook! Just thinking about it gives me anxiety!”

“I don’t have the right tools, space, or time to Go Live the way I want.”

Does any of this sound familiar about yourself or your team members when it comes to Going Live on Facebook?

It’s perfectly natural to be intimidated (and yes, even scared!) when launching a new business endeavor and creating connections with brand new customers! It is so easy to hide behind the computer screen and let posts and pictures do all the talking for you.

But the truth is, there’s an important element missing from your online business. And that is the human factor; not just any human, YOU!

The Human Factor Changes Everything

Imagine you’re at an In-Home Party for your friend, and the consultant hid the entire time and just played a slideshow of informative posts and videos.

Does that sound like a fun Party?

Does it make you want to buy a product to try for yourself?

Of course not!!!

You might choose something just to ‘help your friend’, but you won’t be convinced.

Now, imagine an In-Home Party where the consultant is smiling and energetic, and SUPER excited to show you the products and all the amazing things that would make your life easier!

She’s chatting with you, asking about your family, and finding a connection. Suddenly you realize you like her and want her to be your friend!

“[Going Live] helps your guests feel closer to you. With everyone doing Virtual Parties you don't have that one-on-one contact anymore and I feel like that is so important!! I also feel like it does boost your sales somewhat. I feel like guests put more trust in you as a consultant when they see you Live versus text in the party” - Rebecca, shy and new to Online Parties but willing to try and is growing in confidence.

This is the element that is missing when you run your business virtually.

This is the human factor that you can bring to your online business when you Go Live!

“If you believe you have to influence people to buy from you, you will.
If you believe people want to hear from you, they will.
At the end of the day, show up and deliver information that helps make their life better.
If you do that consistently, you'll win. Period.
Remember...don't allow yourself to get caught up in the head games.
Ain't nobody got time for dat."  
- Anthony Amyx, Founder of Ajamyx.com

Business Page Live Tips

We’ve been learning about Why Going Live Works, How to Set Things Up, Advice to Conquer Your Fears, Games to Play, and Tips for Live Online Parties.

Today we want to remind you that creating a presence on your Business Page with Live Videos can also be super powerful!

Think of your Facebook Business Page as the storefront for your online business. Yes, you can post about your sales and new products here. But get creative with ways to humanize your business and capture the attention of scrollers.

And if you haven’t been running your Parties with your Business Page, check out why we think this is the way to go for new Online Parties on Facebook.

Tips from the Pros

With every new day, there are more resources and videos you can search for to find amazing tips and advice for creating Live Videos.

One of Facebook’s blog posts has some great advice. Be sure to check out their article here for all the info, but here are some of our favorite tips:

  • “Avoid asking viewers to respond in specific ways. Specifically instructing viewers to “like”, “tag”, or “share” may result in your content being flagged for engagement baiting.”
  • “When asking for feedback in the description and comments, use questions that allow for a wide range of responses.”
  • “Give conversation-starters, not instructions. Instead of telling viewers exactly what to say or how to say it, invite them to share their thoughts, general feedback, and questions.”
  • “Use the post's description field as intended. Tell viewers about yourself and your content. Share the link to your page and let viewers know what they can expect if they choose to follow you.”

There are lots of great personalities online that are willing to share their insight, too! Here’s a post by Alison J. Price with a video that we enjoyed watching.

Be sure to check out her post to find some of her best tips, including:

  • Create Native Facebook Live videos from directly in the Facebook App on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Ask friends to share your Live Videos
  • Arrange for someone to reshare the Live Video back onto your personal profile by tagging you.
  • Stay consistent by Going Live on a certain day or time every week, so your audience will learn when to look for you.

One of our favorite people, Kelly Paull, wants the very best for your efforts. Here’s some of her best tips for Going Live:

“Going Live doesn't mean you have to take everyone on a tour of your home - find a corner you can tidy up and Go Live from there!

You don't need fancy equipment. I've used a wine bottle and rubber-banded my phone to it and then placed it on a step stool for height.
I've used my computer on a couple of boxes propped on a stool too.”
- Kelly Paull, check out her BluePrint to Go Live

Ideas from Top Producers

Here are more ideas from top producers that might inspire you to try on your Page, too:

  • “I've gone Live a couple times just briefly to just show off a book or two I just got in that I LOVE. Just be real and candid. I know that's what I like to watch in peoples’ Lives. You don't have to look perfect or have it all together. Just be passionate about your [products]!” -Heather
  • “I Go Live all the time, scheduled or not! Sometimes just when I am out walking and see something neat - related to my business or not! ...When I am out on the lake in the summer (or winter) I’ll do a Live and just say nothing… just to enjoy the moment and share the beauty. I do that a lot when I am enjoying my coffee in the nice weather before starting my day (I live on the lake… so people like “sitting” in the moment with me).” - Wendy
  • “Change it up by chatting about products based on your audience... I always do a post a few days before the [Live] asking the ages and interests of their readers. Then I can go from that. If I don't get much response, I try to pull a few from each age range, highlighting series. For example: one big book, one from extraordinary lives, one That's Not My, etc and say that there are lots more in the series. I use their ages and interests to make them personalized wish lists too. They can order straight from my list and it helps the site be not so overwhelming with choices.” - Heather
  • Don’t let perfection stop you either: “I’ve had things go wrong and laughed about it. I think those are the ones I had the most fun with. And I always say, ‘Yeah, see? Even Independent Consultants aren’t perfect, we have oooopsies in our kitchens too!’ I think I felt more connected to my customers at those times!” - Rhonda
  • Chat with others who have done more Live Videos to get some ideas you haven’t even thought about:

In the end, remember what your business is all about. Hint: it isn’t just about the products or selling.

“Just be yourself. The same as you would in parties...only a little less salesy and more relationship building.” - Corey Burge, Founder of PostMyParty

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