4 Strategies to Close the Year Strong

4 Strategies to Close the Year Strong

In business, there’s a constant ebb and flow of activity. Certain times of the year, you may be busy with crushing sales goals. Other times, you might switch gears to cultivate relationships and grow a team and customer base.

But during the holidays is when all of these activities collide, and it’s enough to make anyone lose focus. So there’s something very important to remember this time of year when it comes to keeping your business goals moving.

And that is to rest and reconnect.

This might be the last thing to consider as a business strategy during the busy holiday season. But when running your Facebook Parties, having fun and creating connections with your friends on social media is just as important as showcasing your best products.

We’ve collected some tips to help you stay connected with your favorite people without missing a beat in your business. Here’s why getting in some R&R during the holidays will produce major benefits.

The Truth About Working During the Holidays

When so many of us are working from home, it’s hard to keep the lines between work goals, family goals, and personal goals straight. Balancing these parts of our lives is tricky at best and this is why embracing the holiday season to refresh the soul is so important.

In a recent article by Inc., they shared why taking some time off is crucial, including for gaining a fresh perspective on life and business goals, and for “Finding fulfillment outside of work [that] helps bring purpose to your life.” The holidays are a great time for this reset as the new year approaches.

The holidays also have a way of bringing people together to create new memories and reminiscing on old ones. Reconnecting with friends and family not only opens a door to eventually share what you love about your business, but more importantly, feeds your soul.

Earlier this year an excellent article by Forbes asked experts for ways to reconnect relationships.

Here’s what one had to say:

“You don't need an agenda. Set a goal to connect with one or two people a day. If you need a reason or purpose to reach out, try thanking them for something in the past.” - Christine Grimm, Aria Consulting International

4 Ways to Reconnect During the Holidays to Jumpstart Your New Year

The very best advice we can give that allows you to take time off from your business goals so you can rest and enjoy your family this holiday season, is this:

Keep your social media presence active by scheduling ahead meaningful posts to connect with your customers and friends. - PostMyParty

Humanize your business page posts so they are relatable with your customers, and be present in your personal account to show you’re a real person just like anyone else. Plus, the more you interact with friends in posts and messages, the more likely they will see your posts, too.

Schedule Ahead Intentional Posts

Your business page is probably at a really high point right now, having just finished some amazing holiday sales, completing orders and recognizing incredible customers, and booking fresh Parties for the new year.

Don’t let that slip! This post visibility is exactly what you want in the new year.

This is where having a Party post scheduling program like PostMyParty really shines, because while you unplug to be present with your family and get some R&R, your posts will still be reaching out with intention.

Spend a few minutes to craft some thoughtful posts and schedule them ahead to your business pages and groups. Be sure to choose posts that keep engagement and connection, and are not salesy AT ALL! Try some games, gifs, inspirational quotes, or just for fun.

Here are some favorite ideas from top producers:

Go Live

For your business page and group live videos, reflect on some highlights of your business this year, how your friends/family have supported you, and what you hope to bring to your customers in the new year. Just once or twice is all it takes to share holiday greetings and something positive or encouraging.

Go live on your personal profile too, but keep it focused on connection, not business related (I mean, you might be wearing a product or have a couple in the background, but we won’t judge).

The point is to be present and show your friends and family the person they love so much.

Be a Positive Socialite

We can be realistic and assume you won’t be completely unplugged 24/7 during the holidays. So when you are, choose to be genuine when commenting and liking friend’s posts.

Respond to their social media stories to show them you care.

Share those holiday moments that everyone wants to see and be part of, too.

Crafting a meaningful post reflecting on what has impacted you the most this year can be really powerful for someone else to read or just for yourself.

Use Facebook Messenger for Good, not Evil

Be present when sending holiday greetings or just-for-fun messages with friends. Reach out to family and friends without an agenda.

You basically want to say, “Hi! I’m thinking about you.” and express interest in them.

Reconnecting with messages is just another way to show you care and to receive some love in return.

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” - Nelson Mandela

Before you know it, this holiday season will fly by. You won’t want to miss another moment for yourself and to spend with your family.

(Don’t forget to check our article on how to maximize your online parties for the holiday season.)

You’ll be glad to return in the new year refreshed and ready to tackle those new business goals once again.

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